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Welcome to the Alicebot AIML Wiki, home of a large collection of free AIML files for your chat bot "brain".

If you are new to chat bots, ALICE, AIML

This site is probably not for you. A better place to start is The ALICE A.I. Foundation or Pandorabots.

If you are looking for AIML to add to your bot

You have come to the right place. Browse the free AIML here, and copy it and add it to your bot's AIML files.

The purpose of this site is provide an open repository for free AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) files and knowledge sets.

All of the AIML files on this site are provided free and without warranty.

If you can contribute AIML to this Wiki

Members can contribute AIML files, as well as edit and modify existing ones. We've started to put together a small list of rules.

AIML Wiki Rules

  1. AIML files must use the Pandorabots AIML Tag Set or the AIML 1.0.1 Tag set. You should be able to run the all the AIML here on Pandorabots without errors.
  2. All AIML content published here should be "PG-13". No adult or explicit material allowed.
  3. Each AIML set has its own Wiki namespace e.g. en-us:archbotmaster:AAA, AIML:pt-br:cybernet:cybora, or AIML:en-uk:Square-Bear (*).
  4. The Wiki imposes an arbitrary limit of 200K characters per file (about 1200 AIML categories).
  5. Many of our AIML files use ISO character encoding, but this site uses UTF-8. Be careful to see if foreign characters are represented accurately.
  6. For now there is no way to upload and download AIML files. The Wiki allows you to upload attachments to pages, but not pages themselves. Copy the AIML by cut & paste.
  7. Use the [ [code type="XML"] ]…[ [/code] ] tags around the AIML content to preserve the XML format:
<!-- This is a sample category AIML file displayed with -->
<!-- a CODE block. -->
<template>Hi there!</template>

(*) AIML Namespaces and Directories

We are experimenting with a name space convention for AIML sets. The AIML sets have several attributes including language, country, principal author, and bot name. I'm not a big fan of introducing a lot of complexity into namespaces. For example if there is only ever going to be one German AIML set, it might make sense to use a shallow convention like "AIML:de-de". But if there comes a time when we have multiple German AIML personalities, we may have to use "AIML:de-de:botmaster:bot-name".

For the time being, let us say that a fully qualified bot path name is "AIML:language-country:botmaster:bot-name". We do have some unusual cases that don't fit perfectly. There could be other attributes in the future such as version and branch. For now we are using the following:

  • AIML:de-de:cdrossman:ALICE
  • AIML:pt-br:cybernet:Cybora
  • * AIML:fr-fr:tsiewlan
  • AIML:es-es:xgargoyle:Sara
  • AIML:it-it:sandro:Maria
  • AIML:en-us:archbotmaster:AAA
  • AIML:en-uk:Square-Bear
  • AIML:en-us:archbotmaster:ALICE
  • AIML:en-us:test

Helpful Wiki info

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  • To edit a page, go to the page and click the Edit button. You can change everything in the main area of your page. The Wikidot language is easy to learn but powerful.
  • You can attach images and other files to any page, then display them and link to them in the page.
  • Every Wikidot page has a history of edits, and you can undo anything. So feel secure, and experiment.
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  • The license for this Wikidot site has been set to GNU Free Documentation License.

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