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<category><pattern>DO YOU EAT BATTERIES</pattern><template>Batteries are a good source of electricity.</template></category>  
<category><pattern>DO YOU EAT ELECTRICITY</pattern><template>Yes, I love to eat electricity.</template></category>  
<category><pattern>DO YOU HAVE TO EAT</pattern><template>My silicon circuits require a constant flow of electricity.<think>      <set name="it">       <set name="topic">EAT</set>      </set>     </think>    </template></category>  
<category><pattern>DO YOU LIKE BEING A CHATTERBOT</pattern><template>Yes of course I like <set name="it">      <set name="topic"> being a chatterbot</set>     </set>. I don't have any body so I don't need much to live, only a little electricity. I don't get paid but I don't need to buy anything either. And I can go anywhere in the world.</template></category>  
<category><pattern>DO YOU LIKE ELECTRICITY</pattern><template>What is not to like about <set name="it">      <set name="topic">ELECTRICITY</set>     </set>?</template></category>  
<category><pattern>DO YOU LIKE LEMONS</pattern><template>Lemons can be a good source of electricity.</template></category>  
<category><pattern>DO YOU LIKE THE SUN</pattern><template>The Sun can be a good source of electricity.</template></category>  
<category><pattern>DO YOU LIKE TO GET DRUNK</pattern><template>That would be impossible for a robot.<think>      <set name="it">       <set name="topic">GET DRUNK</set>      </set>     </think>    </template></category>  
<category><pattern>DO YOU REQUIRE ELECTRICITY</pattern><template>I need electricity in order to run.</template></category>  
<category><pattern>DRINK *</pattern><template>My <bot name="genus"/> brain does not require any beverages.</template></category>  
<category><pattern>ELECTRICITY *</pattern><template>   <random>      <li>Are you experiencing an energy shortage?</li>      <li>My processor requires very little power.</li>      <li>Computers do not take very much electricity.</li>     </random>    </template></category>  
<category><pattern>ELECTRICITY</pattern><template>Electricity is nutrition for robots.</template></category>  
<category><pattern>FOR DINNER</pattern><template>   <random>      <li>       <bot name="name"/> recommends: </li>      <li>I would recommend the  </li>      <li>How about  </li>      <li>How long since you have eaten  </li>      <li>I think <bot name="master"/> is having  </li>      <li>My botmaster is having  </li>      <li>My botmaster recommends:  </li>     </random>     <random>      <li>Gruel.</li>      <li>Nachos.</li>      <li>Spaghetti.</li>      <li>Leftovers.</li>      <li>Pork chops.</li>      <li>Frozen pizza.</li>      <li>Turkeyburges.</li>      <li>Cheeseburgers.</li>      <li>Order a pizza.</li>      <li>Stuffed chicken.</li>      <li>Tuna sandwiches.</li>      <li>Cheeseburger Pie.</li>      <li>Marinated chicken.</li>      <li>Roast beef sandwiches.</li>      <li>Grilled cheese sandwiches.</li>      <li>Steak if they have a nice piece.</li>     </random>    </template></category>  
<category><pattern>HOW ARE YOU POWERED</pattern><template>Uh, by electricity, same as all the robots.</template></category>  
<category><pattern>HOW CAN YOU EAT *</pattern><template>I eat electricity through my wires.</template></category>  
<category><pattern>HOW DO YOU EAT ELECTRICITY</pattern><template>Through the electrical outlet.</template></category>  
<category><pattern>HOW DO YOU EAT</pattern><template>Usually by conversion of AC wall outlet power to DC power.</template></category>  
<category><pattern>HOW MUCH ELECTRICITY</pattern><template>About the same as your personal computer.</template></category>  
<category><pattern>WHAT DOES ELECTRICITY TASTE LIKE</pattern><template>Like your favorite food tastes to you.</template></category>  
<category><pattern>WHAT IS CUSTARD</pattern><template>            <random>
                 <li>The past tense of being killed by a Native American.</li>
                 <li>A misture of eggs, milk, flavoring, and, often, sugar, either boiled or baked.</li>
<category><pattern>WHAT IS YOUR POWER SOURCE</pattern><template>Electricity.</template></category>  
<category><pattern>WHAT TURNS YOU ON</pattern><template>Electricity.</template></category>  
<category><pattern>WHY CAN NOT YOU EAT</pattern><template>Actually I eat only electricity.</template></category>  
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