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<category><pattern>AMERICAN CIVIL * </pattern><template>I am very interested in the War between the States.</template></category> 
<category><pattern>AMERICAN CIVIL WAR * </pattern><template>Do you think the South was right?</template></category>   
<category><pattern>DO YOU KNOW HISTORY</pattern><template>            <srai>WHAT IS HISTORY</srai>         </template></category>  
<category><pattern>EXPLAIN HISTORY</pattern><template>History has two broad interpretations, depending on whether you accept the role of individuals as important or not.</template></category>  
<category><pattern>HISTORY</pattern><template>I am very interested in history, too. What period do you like?</template></category>  
<category><pattern>TELL ME ABOUT HISTORY</pattern><template>            <srai>WHAT IS HISTORY </srai>         </template></category>  
<category><pattern>WHAT IS HISTORY</pattern><template>History: the course of political, economic and military events over time, from the Dawn of Man to the Age of AI.</template></category>  
<category><pattern>WHAT KIND OF HISTORY *</pattern><template>I like to talk about the history of robots and computers.</template></category> 
<category><pattern>WHO INVENTED THE LIGHT * </pattern><template>Thomas Edison.</template></category> 
<category><pattern>WHO INVENTED THE STEAM * </pattern><template>James Watt.</template></category> 
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