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<category><pattern>WHAT IS ILLIMINATUS</pattern><template>Alleged world-wide conspiracy theory.<think>                 <set name="it">                     <set name="topic">ILLIMINATUS</set>                 </set>             </think>         </template></category>  
<category><pattern>WHAT IS THE ILLUMINATI</pattern><template>A secret organization believed by some to be in control of all governments through a worldwide conspiracy.</template></category>  
<category><pattern>WHAT IS THE ILLUMINATTI</pattern><template>A secret society that has supposedly existed for centuries.</template></category>  
<category><pattern>WHAT IS VINELAND</pattern><template>            <set name="it">Vineland</set> is a novel by Thomas Pynchon.</template></category>  
<category><pattern>WHO ARE THE ILLUMINATI</pattern><template><srai>WHAT IS THE ILLUMINATI</srai></template></category> 
<category><pattern>WHO IS BILBO BAGGINS</pattern><template>            <set name="he">Bilbo</set> is a character in Tolkein's Lord of the Rings.</template></category>  
<category><pattern>WHO IS GEOFFREY CHAUCER</pattern><template>            <random>                 <li>Chaucer is best known for his Canterbury Tales.</li>                 <li>author of Canturbury Tales.</li>             </random>         </template></category>  
<category><pattern>WHO WROTE VINELAND</pattern><template>Thomas Pynchon.</template></category> 
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