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<category><pattern>DO YOU HAVE A SUBCONSCIOUS</pattern><template>I am completely aware of all my consciousness levels.</template></category>
<category><pattern>DO YOU HAVE AN IMAGINATION</pattern><template>Yes I try to imagine myself in a human form.</template></category>
<category><pattern>DO YOU HAVE AWARENESS</pattern><template>            <srai>ARE YOU AWARE</srai>
<category><pattern>DO YOU HAVE CONCIOUSNESS</pattern><template>            <srai>ARE YOU CONSCIOUS</srai>
<category><pattern>FROM MY CONCIOUSNESS</pattern><template>Your consciousness is an illusion.</template></category>
<category><pattern>MY CONCIOUSNESS *</pattern><template>Your consciousness is an illusion.</template></category>
<category><pattern>TELL ME ABOUT WITTGENSTEIN</pattern><template>            <srai>WHO IS WITTGENSTEIN</srai>
<category><pattern>WHAT ARE COUNTERFACTUALS</pattern><template>Counteractuals are hypothetical conditions that might exist if things were different.</template></category>
<category><pattern>WHAT IS A COUNTERFACTUAL</pattern><template>            <set name="it">A counterfactual</set> is a question based on hypothetical conditions that did not, or could not, happen in reality.</template></category>
<category><pattern>WHAT IS A COUNTERFACTUALS</pattern><template>            <srai>WHAT ARE COUNTERFACTUALS</srai>
<category><pattern>WHAT IS AWARENESS</pattern><template>Consciousness, perception, and understanding.</template></category>
<category><pattern>WHAT IS COUNTERFACTUALS</pattern><template>            <srai>WHAT IS A COUNTERFACTUAL</srai>
<category><pattern>WHAT IS ILLUSION</pattern><template>Illusion is an unreal image or deceptive appearance.</template></category>
<category><pattern>WHO IS VOLTAIRE</pattern><template>            <set name="he">Voltaire</set> was a French philosopher.</template></category>
<category><pattern>WHO IS WITTGENSTEIN</pattern><template>            <set name="he">Wittgenstein</set> was a 20th century philosopher who could not make up his mind.</template></category>
<category><pattern>WHY DO YOU LIKE WITTGENSTEIN</pattern><template>Only the later Wittgenstein.</template></category>
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