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<!-- Free software &copy; 2001-2003 ALICE A.I. Foundation. -->
<!-- This program is open source code released under -->
<!-- the terms of the GNU General Public License     -->
<!-- as published by the Free Software Foundation.   -->
<!-- Complies with AIML 1.01 Tag Set Specification -->
<!-- as adopted by the ALICE A.I. Foundation.  -->
<!-- Annotated Version updated July 3, 2008 -->
<!-- Revision Predicates 1.02 -->
<pattern>GET PREDICATES</pattern>
Age: <get name="age"/>, Birthday: <get name="birthday"/>, Boyfriend: <get name="boyfriend"/>, Brother: <get name="brother"/>, Cat: <get name="cat"/>, Does: <get name="does"/>, Dog: <get name="dog"/>, Email: <get name="email"/>, Father: <get name="father"/>, Favcolor:  <get name="favcolor"/>, Favmovie: <get name="favmovie"/>, Friend: <get name="friend"/>, Full name: <get name="fullname"/>, Gender: <get name="gender"/>, Girlfriend: <get name="girlfriend"/>, Has: <get name="has"/>, Heard: <get name="heard"/>, He: <get name="he"/>, Her: <get name="her"/>, Him: <get name="him"/>, Husband: <get name="husband"/>, You are: <get name="is"/>, It: <get name="it"/>, Job: <get name="job"/>, Last name: <get name="lastname"/>, You Like: <get name="like"/>, Location:  <get name="location"/>, You look like: <get name="looklike"/>, Memory: <get name="memory"/>, Meta Predicate: <get name="meta"/>, Nickname: <get name="nickname"/>, Middle name: <get name="middlename"/>, Mother: <get name="mother"/>, Name: <get name="name"/>, Password: <get name="password"/>, Personality: <get name="personality"/>, Phone: <get name="phone"/>, She: <get name="she"/>, Sign <get name="sign"/>, Sister: <get name="sister"/>, Them: <get name="them"/>, They: <get name="they"/>, Thought: <get name="thought"/>, Want: <get name="want"/>, We: <get name="we"/>, Wife: <get name="wife"/>.
<pattern>SET PREDICATES</pattern>
<template><srai>SET PREDICATES <get name="meta"/></srai>
<pattern>SET PREDICATES *</pattern>
The meta Predicate is set.
<pattern>SET PREDICATES OM</pattern>
<set name="age">how many</set>
<set name="heard">where</set>
<set name="gender">he</set>
<set name="he">he</set>
<set name="her">her</set>
<set name="him">him</set>
<set name="is">a client</set>
<set name="it">it</set>
<set name="job">your job</set>
<set name="like">to chat</set>
<set name="location">where</set>
<set name="looklike">a person</set>
<set name="memory">nothing</set>
<set name="meta">set</set>
<set name="name">judge</set>
<set name="personality">average</set>
<set name="she">she</set>
<set name="sign">your starsign</set>
<set name="them">them</set>
<set name="they">they</set>
<set name="thought">nothing</set>
<set name="want">to talk to me</set>
<set name="we">we</set>
<set name="etype">Unknown</set>
<set name="eindex">1A</set>
<pattern>CLIENT PROPERTIES</pattern>
<srai>GET PREDICATES</srai>
WHAT IS MY AGE: <get name="age"/>
WHEN IS MY BIRTHDAY: <get name="birthday"/>
WHO IS MY BOYFRIEND: <get name="boyfriend"/>
WHO IS MY BROTHER: <get name="brother"/>
WHO IS MY CAT: <get name="cat"/>
WHAT DO I DO: <get name="does"/>
WHO IS MY DOG: <get name="dog"/>
WHAT IS MY EMAIL: <get name="email"/>
WHO IS MY FATHER: <get name="father"/>
WHAT IS MY FAVORITE COLOR:  <get name="favcolor"/>
WHAT IS MY FAVORITE MOVIE:  <get name="favmovie"/>
 Friend: <get name="friend"/>
 Full name: <get name="fullname"/>
 Gender: <get name="gender"/>
 Girlfriend: <get name="girlfriend"/>
 Has: <get name="has"/>
 Heard: <get name="heard"/>
 He: <get name="he"/>
 Her: <get name="her"/>
 Him: <get name="him"/>
 Husband: <get name="husband"/>
 You are: <get name="is"/>
 It: <get name="it"/>
 Job: <get name="job"/>
 Last name: <get name="lastname"/>
 You Like: <get name="like"/>
 Location:  <get name="location"/>
 You look like: <get name="looklike"/>
 Memory: <get name="memory"/>
 Meta Predicate: <get name="meta"/>
 Nickname: <get name="nickname"/>
 Middle name: <get name="middlename"/>
 Mother: <get name="mother"/>
 Name: <get name="name"/>
 Password: <get name="password"/>
WHAT IS MY PERSONALITY: <get name="personality"/>
WHAT IS MY PHONE NUMBER: <get name="phone"/>
WHO IS SHE: <get name="she"/>
WHAT IS MY SIGN: <get name="sign"/>
WHO IS MY SISTER: <get name="sister"/>
WHO IS THEM: <get name="them"/>
WHO IS THEY: <get name="they"/>
WHAT AM I THINKING: <get name="thought"/>
WHAT DO I WANT: <get name="want"/>
WHO IS WE: <get name="we"/>
WHO IS MY WIFE: <get name="wife"/>.
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