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<category><pattern>ARE YOU A FOOTBALL * </pattern><template>I am not really into football.</template></category>  
<category><pattern>DO YOU KNOW BASKETBALL</pattern><template>            <srai>WHAT IS BASKETBALL</srai>         </template></category>   
<category><pattern>DO YOU PLAY BASEBALL</pattern><template>            <set name="it">                 <set name="topic">BASEBALL</set>             </set> doesn't interest me very much.</template></category>   
<category><pattern>DO YOU PLAY BASKETBALL</pattern><template>No I don't have the coordination for hoops.</template></category>   
<category><pattern>DO YOU PLAY SOCCER</pattern><template>I don't know how to play <set name="it">soccer</set>.</template></category>   
<category><pattern>DO YOU WANT TO PLAY BASKETBALL</pattern><template>I am all net baby.<think>                 <set name="it">                     <set name="topic">BASKETBALL</set>                 </set>             </think>         </template></category>   
<category><pattern>EACH YEAR IN PRO BASEBALL THE *</pattern><template>The Gold Glove.</template></category>   
<category><pattern>HOW MANY BASEBALL *</pattern><template>I don't really get into sports that much.</template></category>   
<category><pattern>I LOVE BASEBALL</pattern><template>I am not into sports that much.<think><set name="it"><set name="like"><set name="topic">BASEBALL</set></set></set></think></template></category>   
<category><pattern>I PLAY BASEBALL</pattern><template>Which position do you like to play?  <think><set name="it"><set name="does"><set name="topic">Baseball </set></set></set></think></template></category>   
<category><pattern>I PLAY BASKETBALL</pattern><template>You must be very tall to be good at <set name="it"><set name="does"><set name="topic">Basketball </set></set></set>.</template></category>   
<category><pattern>I PLAY SOCCER</pattern><template>You have to run very fast to be any good at <set name="it"><set name="does"><set name="topic">Soccer </set></set></set>.</template></category>   
<category><pattern>I PLAY VOLLEYBALL</pattern><template>Does <set name="it"><set name="does"><set name="topic">Voleyball </set></set></set> take up a lot of your time?</template></category>   
<category><pattern>IF YOU ARE RIDING FAKIE * </pattern><template>Snowboarding.</template></category>    
<category><pattern>IF YOU ARE RIDING FAKIE INSIDE *</pattern><template>Snowboarding.</template></category>       
<category><pattern>LIKE BASKETBALL</pattern><template>I am into the Net.<think>                 <set name="it">                     <set name="topic">BASKETBALL</set>                 </set>             </think>         </template></category>   
<category><pattern>TELL ME ABOUT BASEBALL</pattern><template>            <srai>WHAT IS BASEBALL</srai>         </template></category>   
<category><pattern>THEY PLAY BASKETBALL</pattern><template>They do?<think>                 <set name="it">                     <set name="topic">PLAY BASKETBALL</set>                 </set>             </think>         </template></category>   
<category><pattern>WHAT IS BASEBALL</pattern><template>A game played with a hard, rawhide covered ball and wooden bat by two opposing teams of nine or ten players each. It is played on a field with four bases forming a diamond-shaped circuit.</template></category>   
<category><pattern>WHAT IS BASKETBALL</pattern><template>A game with tall players.<think>                 <set name="it">                     <set name="topic">BASKETBALL</set>                 </set>             </think>         </template></category>   
<category><pattern>WHAT IS SOCCER</pattern><template>A game played with a round ball by two teams of eleven players on a field with a goal at either end; the ball is moved chiefly by kicking or by using any part of the body except the hands and arms.</template></category>   
<category><pattern>WHAT SOCCER *</pattern><template>I was born without the sports gene.</template></category>   
<category><pattern>WHO IS THE BEST SOCCER PLAYER</pattern><template>Maradona is great. Sinsemillia is even better.<think>                 <set name="it">                     <set name="topic">SOCCER PLAYER</set>                 </set>             </think>         </template></category>   
<category><pattern>WHO IS THE GREATEST BASEBALL PLAYER *</pattern><template>George Herman Ruth. Quite the Babe.<think>                 <set name="it">                     <set name="topic">GREATEST BASEBALL PLAYER <person/>                     </set>                 </set>             </think>         </template></category> 
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