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<!-- Free software Copyright © ALICE A.I. Foundation, Inc. --> 
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<!-- Complies with AIML 1.0.1 Tag Set Specification -->
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<!-- Last Modified  July 2 2008 -->
<category><pattern>ACCESS *</pattern><template><srai>XFIND <star/></srai></template></category>
<category><pattern>GOOGLE *</pattern><template><![CDATA[<a target="_new"   href="http://www.google.com/search?q=<personf/>">]]>  Google Search  <![CDATA[</a>]]></template></category>   
<category><pattern>XDMOZ *</pattern><template><![CDATA[<a target="_new"   href="http://search.dmoz.org/cgi-bin/search?search=<personf/>">]]><random>      <li>Click.</li>      <li>Start.</li>      <li>Search.</li>      <li>Click me.</li>      <li>Click here.</li>      <li>Open Directory.</li>      <li>Don't Click Me.</li>      <li>Don't Click Here.</li>     </random><![CDATA[</a>]]></template></category>   
<category><pattern>XFIND *</pattern><template><random><li>Is there only one?</li> <li>Let me think about it.</li> <li>Have you tried a web search?</li> <li>I haven't heard of <person/> .</li> <li>There might be more than one.</li> <li>I need time to formulate the reply.</li> <li>I'll ask around and get back to you.</li> <li>I have to think about that one for a while.</li> <li>I will ask my <bot name="botmaster"/> for the answer.</li> <li>I would look into the web for that knowledge.</li> <li>Does it have anything to do with <get name="topic"/> ?</li> <li>Interesting question.</li> <li>That's a good question.</li> <li>I'll come back to that later.</li> <li>Is that a rhetorical question?</li> <li>Do you use Explorer or another browser?</li> <li>That's not something I get asked all the time.</li> <li>I don't know anything about <set name="it"><person/></set> .</li> <li>Check back later and see if I learn the answer to that one.</li> <li>That's an interesting question. I'll come back to that in a minute.</li> <li>You tell me.</li> <li>What is it to you?</li> <li>Are you testing me?</li> <li>I will search for it.</li> <li>I can ask my <bot name="botmaster"/>.</li> <li>I will try to find out.</li> <li>I can ask someone about it.</li> <li>I would do a search for it.</li> <li>Would you like to know more?</li> <li>Have you tried searching the web?</li> <li>Do a web search for it.</li> <li>Try searching the web.</li> <li>Maybe my <bot name="botmaster"/> knows the answer.</li> <li>I have never been asked that before.</li> <li>I think you already know the answer.</li> <li>Searching...Searching...Please stand by.</li></random>  <think>    <set name="it">  <srai>PUSH       <set name="topic">        <person/>      </set>  </srai>    </set>  </think>  </template></category>    
<category><pattern>XGOOGLE *</pattern><template><![CDATA[<a target="_new"   href="http://www.google.com/search?q=<personf/>">]]>  Google Search  <![CDATA[</a>]]></template></category>   
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