French AIML

This is the home of French AIML. The original botmaster is Jean Louis Campion. The French AIML was later modified by Tan Siew Lan in 2006.

The following files were split to fit into the 200K file size limit of this Wiki:
atomique_ed.aiml into atomique_ed_1.aiml and atomique_ed_2.aiml,
questcenque_ed.aiml into questcenque_ed_1.aiml, questcenque_ed_2.aiml amd questcenque_ed_3.aiml.
srai_ed.aiml into srai_ed_1.aiml, srai_ed_2.aiml and srai_ed_3.aiml.

  1. humor_ed.aiml
  2. quand_ed.aiml
  3. porquoi_ed.aiml
  4. ou_ed.aiml
  5. that_ed.aiml
  6. quel_ed.aiml
  7. comment_ed.aiml
  8. qui_ed.aiml
  9. estu_ed.aiml
  10. atomique_ed_1.aiml
  11. atomique_ed_2.aiml
  12. questcenque_ed_1.aiml
  13. questcenque_ed_2.aiml
  14. questcenque_ed_3.aiml
  15. srai_ed_1.aiml
  16. srai_ed_2.aiml
  17. srai_ed_3.aiml
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