Portuguese AIML Bot Cybora

This is the top level page for Portuguese Brazil AIML.

Cybora AIML Files by Paul Goncalves.

Paul's original file cybora.aiml is split into 3:
cybora_1.aiml, cybora_2.aiml and cybora_3.aiml.
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  1. cybora_1.aiml
  2. cybora_2.aiml
  3. cybora_3.aiml
  4. cybora_AIMLBrasi.aiml
  5. cybora_bus.aiml
  6. cybora_diversos.aiml
  7. cybora_ligaco.aiml
  8. cybora_risos.aiml
  9. cybora_robo.aiml
  10. update1.aiml
  11. upgrade15jun08.aiml
  12. substitutions.xml
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